Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way to make money with your online source. It’s all about connecting someone smaller with someone or something bigger. You, the client, are the affiliate. As an affiliate you can use your online platform, typically a website, to generate additional income. This is done by hosting merchants, companies like Reebok, Way Fair, etc. on your website.


Through our programs we can put links, coupon codes, and banners on your platform. These clickable items on your online platform generate money three ways pay per sale, pay per lead, and pay per click. It is pretty self-explanatory, you will be paid either when someone clicks a link on your website, when the website they are directed to get information from the customer, or when the customer makes a purchase. Together we will set up a contract between you and the merchant that determines how and how much you will be paid by them.


From there we can track all the traffic and conversions in real time, we will also manage and optimize all the affiliation on your website. Deciding to use our company to handle your affiliate marketing can be additionally helpful because we can build you a website specifically set up for this kind of marketing, as well as our ability to garner attention to your website causing more traffic to not only you but the merchants on your site. 


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