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TimJ Means Business
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Tim is a lifelong entrepreneur, starting his own business when he was just 13 years old, he sold his own music and worked as a DJ, from there he went into landscaping, and caring for the elderly. None of that was enough for him, so at 14 he got a job at Winn-Dixie, once he saw the way he was pushed around and disrespected as a low-level employee he knew he wanted more.


At the age of 18 Tim started his promotional company, the first event was a huge success and sent him down of the road to becoming an entrepreneur. Tim has done it all with business ventures such as clothing stores, a rental car company, a car detailing business, a recording studio, flipping turn-key businesses, a printing company, and more! Tim is known in the community for his successful business investing, and the help he’s given to small businesses in the area. With his experience of starting, buying, selling, and investing in companies,Tim has more than enough knowledge to speak on successful business practices, and teach business growth opportunities.


Now specializing in marketing, business consulting, social media marketing, SEO, Business Listing, entrepreneurship, and more, Tim is using his expertise to help others.