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Branding and Brand Identity

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Branding is an essential part of cultivating a successful business, however it can be challenging even for professionals. In this blog we are going to use some examples to try to give you a simpler look at some strategies Push Marketing uses to brand your company.

Branding is all about making your product easy to identify; regardless of if your product is a physical good, service, experience, or event it’s important to not only set yourself apart from other products but also to be recognizable. That seems easy enough right? The problem many business owners face is there are so many ways to achieve this, and figuring out your companies personal brand identity can be challenging. Here are a few examples of ways to brand your product:

Visual Brand Identity: The most common way to brand a business is to start with the visual aesthetic. Picking your businesses color palette, typographies, creating a recognizable logo, and identifiable packaging are some key ways companies create a visual brand. The key to a strong visual brand identity is consistency, everything should look similar, from flyers to commercials everything needs to look and flow the same.

Example: Nike’s logo is prominently displayed in advertisements, on their website, on their packaging, and even on their products.

Brand Definition and Statements: Having a strong mission statement and values as a company creates a deeper brand identity. Making your purpose, promises, and values clear to customers sets you apart from your competition.

Example: 4Ocean is a company that's primary focus is cleaning plastic from the ocean.

Experience Based Branding: Whether it’s in store, in office, or at an event the experience you give your customers is part of your brand. The way a business owner or employee talks to customers, the location, and even the environment and decoration.

Example: A nicely decorated office with a smiling employee at the front desk.

I hope this helped you get an understanding of some ways to begin or continue to build your brand. If you have any questions or concerns please leave a comment down below or give us a call! Push Marketing would love to help you build a strong brand today.

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