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Digital Marketing is an umbrella term for a variety of marketing methods all using electronic devices. In today’s age most purchasing decisions begin online, making an online presence a necessity, in this blog I will go over some ways this can be achieved.

The 21st century is historic for the rapid shift towards industrialization and information technology, we are living in a new digital age. Radio, television, phone, and the internet each brought new ways to market and grow a business. The key to digital marketing is developing a strategy that puts you and your business in front of your customers. It’s estimated that there are some 4.3 billion internet users as of 2019, including a wealth of people who could be looking for your business! Here are some of the best ways to utilize digital marketing:

Web Design and Development: Having a website is the first and most crucial step in digital marketing. Your website is a hub of information for your customers, somewhere to book or buy your services and products, and a way to contact you. All other steps when digital marketing should point people to your website.

Business Listing: There are hundreds of search engines and platforms for listing businesses, from google maps to yelp. Being easy to find everywhere is crucial when customers are looking for your business, if your business isn’t listed your competition could be. A business listing with correct, current, and interesting information has been proven to increase sales. Business listings are also a great place to receive and manage reviews from customers.

SEO/SEM:SEO stands for search engine optimization, it’s the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or web page in a search engine’s unpaid results. For example being listed on the front page of google when your type of business is searched. The easier you are to find the better.

Social Media Marketing: With billions of people on the internet comes billions of people on internet platforms, especially social media. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube accumulate billions of active users. A business page on each of these platforms puts you in front of billions of possible customers.

Email Marketing: Email marketing can be highly effective at turning one time buyers into loyal fans and attracting new prospects into inquiring more. With an email list you can send out mass emails with things like coupons, sales, information, and more.

There are more ways to market your business digitally but these key steps are perfect for getting started. If you are looking to set up a digital marketing strategy, or even one of these individual marketing strategies, contact Push Marketing.

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