Description Tear Cards are printed on flat, rectangular, heavy weight stock in full color. They are perforated 2" from the end, which makes it convenient to include a coupon or contact information. This way, customers do not have to keep the whole card just to get the information they want to hold on to.

3.5 x 11 Tear Cards

Custom Design:
  • Shrinkwrap Shrinkwrap is a thin, plastic wrapping designed to group the items you order into desired quantities. Additionally, it helps your order arrive in tip-top condition because it reduces rubbing during shipping. It is called "shrinkwrap" because after the plastic is placed around each bundle, it is shrunk with gentle heat for a better fit. Options: 5 per package 10 per package 25 per package 30 per package 40 per package 50 per package 75 per package 100 per package Please note that if your order quantity and the number of pieces per package will result in more than 200 individually shrinkwrapped packages, your order may require an additional 1-2 days for fulfillment. For other quantities, please submit a custom estimate. Perforation is a straight line composed of small holes that makes tearing along the line easy and accurate. Tear cards come with a perforation 2" from the bottom, which makes it convenient to include a coupon or contact information that can easily be removed.

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