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Almost every customer that walks through our door for web design has one common dream, passive income. People want their website to generate income while they sleep. In this blog I will go into detail in how affiliate marketing works and how it can generate you income.

Affiliate marketing can be an effortless way to make money. The basic idea of affiliate marketing is someone promotes another person or companies product to earn a commission if people view or buy it thanks to their marketing. There are 3 main parties involved in affiliate marketing the advertiser, the publisher, and the consumer.

The Advertiser:

Also known as the merchant, creator, seller, or brand. The advertiser is the one that creates and sells the product. Advertisers can be anyone from a massive company to a small business. The only requirement is they have to have something to sell and the money to pay for advertising.

The Publisher:

Also known as the affiliate, owner, or business. The publisher is the one that promotes and tries to sell the advertisers products and receives the commission based on the view or sale of the product. The publisher can do this in a variety of ways from advertising placements, to blog posts, to an entire website.

The Consumer:

Also known as the customer or purchaser. The consumer is the key player when it comes to affiliate marketing, If the consumer doesn’t make a purchase the whole cycle comes to a stop. The consumer is the one that purchases the advertisers product from the publisher. The consumer may or may not know they are even in the affiliate system, however most publishers are moving towards being more transparent.

In our everyday life we are typically the consumer but as a business you can be the advertiser, publisher, or both. Most people want to be the publisher, as this is typically the easiest role, and place advertisements on their website to generate income. As a business owner being in the advertiser position can also be lucrative, you’re essentially letting someone else make your sales and raking in the profit for a commission. If you’re interested in being a part of the affiliate system contact Push Marketing today!

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